just thinking 3d provides 
architects, designers and homeowners 
with 3d images that bring their dreams to life — 
allowing all to share their vision

and enthusiasm.

My new home is Bodega Bay CA

My new home is Bodega Bay CA

About me

After working for 30 years as an advertising art director in the NYC area, I have returned to my roots:  the West Coast, and the field of architecture I left behind a few years after receiving my degree in architecture from the University of Oregon.

Email, and the many wonders of the internet allow me to continue to work with East Coast clients — and I look forward to continuing to meet and collaborate with many more "dreamers" on this coast — and beyond.

Working with architects

I work with CAD (dwg) plans and elevations — to create still or moving 3D images in various degrees of finish, depending on the needs of the architect or designer.

All aspects of the project can be accomplished via email and phone. 

Working with homeowners

My mission with homeowners is to help you think through your rough ideas for adding to,
or remodeling your home.

Working with accurate dimensions, I generally provide 3 approaches to help you imagine the possibilities.

The 3D images I provide can give the homeowner clarity and confidence for the next step: speaking with a contractor, architect, or furnishings supplier. 

Or, for simple projects, I can provide construction documents for use securing a building permit from your local building department.